Z-Man announces card game from PotSM’s design studio

Although there’s nothing about it yet on their pages, Z-Man Games has announced (according to Gamefest, anyway) a LoneShark card game design called Dungeonville for sometime before year’s end. For those with better things to do than remember, LoneShark is Mike Selinker and James Ernest, creators of that out-of-stock piratey sensation Pirates of the Spanish Main. A little surfing turned up a page with details on the game itself – it almost sounds like Before I Kill You, Mr. Name Deleted, with some economics thrown in. Next year, apparently, there is a Rio Grande title called Gloria Mundi that sounds pretty different, and there is Cow Poker, which sounds filthy. I mean, really.

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  1. GamingReport has had news on this up for a few days now and with more details. Go over there for more!

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