Warpstone #22: Chris Pramas on WFRP2

September 20th, 2004: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Warpstone #22: Chris Pramas on WFRP2

Ever since Green Ronin’s original announcement that it would develop Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: Second Edition for Games Workshop, gamers have been itching to get more details. In issue 22 of Warpstone Magazine (shipping now), more details will be revealed in an interview with Green Ronin founder Chris Pramas. When asked what needs to be fixed in the WFRP rules, Pramas, personally revising the new edition, had the following answer:

The core of the system is a good one but it has been a long time since the first edition. A lot of my work is simplifying, clarifying, and streamlining. The three “big issues” were long-term character advancement, the magic system, and the old chestnut of “naked dwarf syndrome.” I’ve addressed the first and third of those already and I’ll be sorting the magic system next. There were also some things in the old rules that seemed to be there because they were in AD&D, like alignment and class. Those we just tossed.

Chris’ words should reassure longtime fans of the game. Combined with popular WFRP authors and an ambitious release schedule (which you’ll have to read the review to learn about), the new version should turnout to be exactly the improved version WFRP fans have been hoping for.


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