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  1. Survivability? There’s plenty of extremely deadly games (for the characters) out there, many of them popular. What makes survivability such a major design concern for WFRP 2nd edition?

  2. It’s jsut one of the major complants many people had about the game, that’s all. It would be the same for pretty much any other deadly for the PCs game going around.

  3. I don’t recall hearing folks complain about the survivability of the system. It was self-advertised as a pretty rough combat system generally, and most fans that I’ve found both shudder and grin at at.

    As for outright survivability, I ran the entire Enemy Within campaign post-college, along with most of the White Dwarves, etc. at the time. A number of characters made it through the campaign; several, of course, did not. There were no grumbles either way around that I recall.

    Properly used (GW covered this in an article that came out around WHFRP’s initial release), Fate Points provide huge survivability in Warhammer, even with the luverly crits.

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