All the joke titles I thought of for this post were too depressing

Election USA‘s marketing text begins with the following: “Why not run for President in this first boardgame from Mongoose Publishing? Remember, though, you have to be a Republican!” Yes, it’s a bit of political satire from the other side of the pond (where maybe it’s a little safer, commercially speaking). I’m always surprised that there aren’t more satirical games, given that game systems can caricature economic realities the same way cartoons can caricature appearances. People seem to have figured this out in the video gaming arena, but there still isn’t a lot happening of note, even there. Guess we’re still too busy drawing babes with swords.


  1. Actually I think the reluctance on buying such a game is purely a financial one. As funny as satire is, it is, after all, a joke… and jokes wear thin. I’d be relucant to buy a game that might be funny to play for a month or two and then have to shelve it because the humor it is based on is no longer relevant or current.

  2. James, you have hit upon on of the exact reason we rarely bring these types of games in. They are high risk at best.

  3. I already AM a Republican and don’t need to purchase the board game since I am already involved in the LARP 😉

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