The Fine Art of Ronin

There’s been a veritable flood of releases from Ronin Arts in the past week, for all d20 occasions. Athenaeum Arcane: A Score of Malevolent Special Abilities, written by former Mongoose employee Patric Younts, presents twenty special abilities magic items can have, from saw tooth to corpse eater. In Athenaeum Arcane: Spells of the Vampire, Andrew Hind brings a dozen spells for the blood-sucking beasts into the light. James Maliszewski’s Modern: Occult Heroes details five occult races, a great compliment to Cthulhu-esque campaigns. As if that weren’t enough, three more releases became available for download this week, including a Modern: Character Dossier designed by Michael Hammes. Who knows when the Ronin Arts development machine will overflow with more d20 goodness? Soon, I’m sure.


  1. I picked up several of the Athenaeum Arcane items just a bit ago, along with an assortment of other items. I’m a big fan of Ronin Arts’ work – A-List stuff.

  2. Thanks for noticing, guys! We’re having a lot of fun building Ronin Arts and I’m particularly pleased that so many excellent authors are choosing to publish through Ronin Arts.

    We’re constantly working on new product and are always open to requests.

    Thanks for the praise, Brain. I hope we continue to satisfy your needs.

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