The Fine Art of Ronin

September 24th, 2004: Allan Sugarbaker says...
The Fine Art of Ronin

There’s been a veritable flood of releases from Ronin Arts in the past week, for all d20 occasions. Athenaeum Arcane: A Score of Malevolent Special Abilities, written by former Mongoose employee Patric Younts, presents twenty special abilities magic items can have, from saw tooth to corpse eater. In Athenaeum Arcane: Spells of the Vampire, Andrew Hind brings a dozen spells for the blood-sucking beasts into the light. James Maliszewski’s Modern: Occult Heroes details five occult races, a great compliment to Cthulhu-esque campaigns. As if that weren’t enough, three more releases became available for download this week, including a Modern: Character Dossier designed by Michael Hammes. Who knows when the Ronin Arts development machine will overflow with more d20 goodness? Soon, I’m sure.


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