Egyptian Adventures preview at Green Ronin

Looks like a preview is up on the Green Ronin site for Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra. An uber-setting in the Mythic Vistas d20 line, Hamunaptra is coming to you in full effect: a boxed, three book set. The press release has more details, or you can just jump directly to the downloadable goodies and get a closer look.

Green Ronin press release follows:

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra PDF preview from Green Ronin

You can download this Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra PDF preview to read about Desedjer (Humans) and Anpur (Gnolls) in the land of Khemti. While you’re there, make sure to zoom in on the cover image for the Hamunaptra boxed set. At GR HQ we’ve all got our ankhs in a knot over this one!

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra allows you to play the world’s most popular roleplaying game in the sands of Hamunaptra, a new fantasy setting inspired by the myths, legends, and culture of Ancient Egypt. Neither the Egyptian feel nor the playability of the game has been sacrificed. The classes and races that populate the lands of Hamunaptra are still recognizable as your own favorites, yet re-imagined to convey the feel of a time of pharaohs under the shadow of war.

This boxed set includes three separate books, each of which presents vital setting information. From the classes, races, feats, and magic of Hamunaptra, to a complete gazetteer of the continent of Khemti and a book of GM-only secrets, this boxed set contains all you’ll need to explore the world of Hamunaptra. Battle foul beasts of the desert, excavate the curse-warded tombs of dynasties past, sabotage and spy upon the armies of rival nations, master ancient magics, or simply attempt to solve the riddle of the expanding Red Land before the desert overtakes the last, dwindling bastions of civilization.

Green Ronin Publishing
Seattle, Washington