Rage addiction is apparently still a serious problem

Fans of the old Rage CCG have produced an entire expansion, complete with art, called Gauntlet. (“Red– Werewolf– is about to die!!”) White Wolf appears pretty proud of this – they’ve even designated the new set tournament-legal. At first I thought this was another CCG Workshop deal, like for The Eternal Jyhad Or Something, but no, it’s a downloadable PDF. It’s not clear (to me, anyway) whether this set is for the original, slippery-cards Rage, which I remember as decently fun, or the later, Vegasized Rage, which I never played. I don’t even remember if they’re incompatible or not. Clearly I need to be devoured.


  1. I was interested in checking out the cards as I used to play Rage quite some time back but I’ll be darned if I can find them on the page they link to from the WW article.

  2. I didn’t find it either but I figured I was just dumb. Is this a case of premature e-post-ulation?

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