Aberrations loose on streets

Since today is the street date for the Aberrations expansion of D&D Miniatures, it seems only fair that WotC has posted the official Aberrations figure gallery (though unofficial galleries have had the images for a while). Some figures in the Aberrations set, the first to have Starter sets since the game was launched, are being drawn from the Forgotten Realms supplement Serpent Kingdoms, making them particularly tasty for my D&D campaign. The sixth set, Deathknell, will arrive early next year with loads of undead. What else do we know?

In his recent D&D Miniatures update article, Rob Heinsoo was intentionally cryptic about the seventh set, due in the summer of ’05:

Set 7 has a name; it has a theme; it has a cool new angle we haven’t done before; it even has cover art. Somehow we’ve managed to keep it all as a surprise. The new catalog comes out in December. Maybe the secret will last until then, maybe not.

I’d say it won’t, since a German retail site has already revealed the name of the next set: Angelfire. The information has since been removed, but more is sure to leak out soon, from somewhere.

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  1. So, has anyone else opened an Aberrations box to find incomplete figures? The first box I opened had the Fiendish Giant Praying Mantis as the rare, but it was missing its head.

    I guess it met a female mantis. 🙂

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