An exciting advance in the “make things fight each other” field

The VsTank Micro IR Battle series is a line of small remote-control tanks, about two and a half inches long, the sort that you plug into the controller to recharge. They have a few features you might not be expecting, though – such as infrared sensors on top that detect when they’ve been hit by (oh God oh God) the infrared shooters on the ends of the tanks’ cannons. No joke. They are also equipped to shake when hit and eventually stop moving until reset if they take one hit too many. Tanks retail for about $20 each. Is this the future of miniatures gaming or am I full of crack again?


  1. There are some retailers who are buying this by the case load, mainly as an add on sale more than anything else. It is fun, I played it way back at GAMA, but there isn’t loads of replay value. It is, however, one of those perfect gifts for the gamer who has everything….

  2. What is really cool about these tanks is if you set them on the same frequency you can control entire companies. We did this at our FLGS, four tanks for me and four tanks for him and it was a riot.

  3. Yes, but when they have some more messages built in that they can send, like ‘oh, and this is my special ability,’ or ‘here’s the ball,’ then it will start to get good. Mark my words…

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