Before you die, you see the pentagon

If only it were true. I mean, if I knew I only had seven days to live, you can be damn sure I’d give ol’ Rumsfeld a little sump’in sump’in when I saw him. But, um, my actual point: I typed in on a whim, and look what I got. Adorable. Every spooky graphic design cliche of the last ten years in one convenient bookmark.

You know, a lot about this game looks dumb so far, but show attendees are actually saying this could be what Wizards needs right now – namely, a fantasy-themed card game that people interested in Magic can get into on the ground floor, without having to study obsessively and/or draft for twelve months before they catch on. So, I’m willing to believe it might be okay. But damn, I’m not optimistic about the graphics so far.


  1. Hi there all.

    I was at the WoTC dinner where they announced Hecatomb. I must say, of all the stuff they talked about I was most intrigued by this game. They are targeting the product for the 15+ market. That really made my ears perk up in a big way. Right off the bat you realize they are going after Magic’s demographic with this game. The art in the game (I saw a total of about 7 images) is incredibly nice. I thought Brom/Geiger when I saw it. That also captured me right away. Next, the cards seem to be using the same mechanic that Gloom uses, meaning the cards are clear plastic, and you can overlay up to 5 on top of each other to add/adjust modifer’s. (Ok, I only watched one full demo, so forgive me if some of the exact details are off…I think it was 5.) The game is diving into Magic’s IP, and uses the term/mechanic of Mana.

    So, you are basically trying to destory the world, so you can reshape it in your image. Playing in a similar fashion to how Magic plays (with the obvious mechanic differences.) I have to say, this game screams out to me, and several other retailers I have talked to: “A new CCG so magic like, that kids now have a way to get into a WoTC Magic like game without the pain of learning how to play MTG.” If this is their plan, i am totally behind it. After seeing some of their plans, hearing how much money they are throwing into advertising it, and watching game play, we are going to push it heavily..and we _never_ do that with a new CCG these days. If you have questions, please post below. I am sitting in one of the Retailer rooms in Vegas right now…and deatils aren’t exactly coming right away in my addled little brain.

  2. Aw, c’mon Mike. I checked out the site, and it didn’t strike me that badly. I’ve been doing web design for like 9 years now, and I think you’re being over-critical. And it’s only the website, man.

    Besides, it’s not like Ogrecave’s in a position to talk – your design isn’t exactly innovative. 😉

    Then again, CCG’s leave me cold, so the heck with it. Interesting information, Chris. Why didn’t they make you a ‘Cave correspondant? That was front-page article insight.

  3. Brian,

    I totally would have volunteered, but I was so busy with meetings, that I wouldn’t have been able to give “real coverage.” I barely got to look at product compared to trying to access Manufacturer “strategy.” Also, many of the things I was told about were verbal NDA, making for not much good reporting. I did make a total point to get as much info about Hecatomb as I could though….

  4. I said it was visually cliched, not poorly executed. And yeah, it’s just a website, but it reflects on the game’s theming, which I think is an important aspect of a game’s success. So far, that theming strikes me as a little too Marilyn Manson to be the success it needs to be, but as I think I pointed out in the post’s second paragraph, we’re all operating on pretty limited input so far. Chris has seen more than any of us and he says it could be cool, so hey, I trust that.

    As for OgreCave’s design, we’d rather be accessible, usable, and quick to load than be innovative. We are not a promotional website the mission of which is to have impressive graphics; we are here to deliver information (highly questionable and snarky information, I admit, but information nonetheless).

    I would love it if Chris would work for us, but he won’t sign over the rights to his next ten critical hits. I’ve been trying to get Allan to write that clause out of the contract, but he just mutters something about oncoming bugbears and then pulls the tissues back over his face.

  5. Geez, Mike. I think the lady doth protest too much, eh? All I said was I thought you were being over-critical, and I stand by it.

    And some folks manage to be innovative *and* usable, quick to load, and such, you know, nor does innovative = impressive graphics. Let’s not make things mutually exclusive that aren’t actually mutually exclusive, ok.

    Besides, it’s not like I said the ‘Cave had *bad* design … sheeesh.

  6. Add “freely contributed” to the criteria for OgreCave’s design, and that’s why you see what we’ve got. My buddy Colin did the art, and captured the feel I was looking for at the time.

    If I could impose on his and Mike’s busy schedules a bit more, I’d love to try some alterations to the Cave’s look-and-feel. Not likely anytime soon, though ideas are always welcome. Just email me if you want to chat about it.

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