GTS press wrapup, part deux

  • Piles of news on smaller companies here – Face2Face is continuing their Sid Sackson revival line with an edition of Can’t Stop that goes back to the classic stop-sign board. Plus, Eagle has a new original(?) big-box combat game called Conquest of the Empire, and we see just how very full indeed is Fantasy Flight’s schedule. It turns out that a couple of those games are old OOP Games Workshop titles (Warrior Knights and Fury of Dracula, specifically).
  • The Magic: the Gathering team has this year – bad plans. I mean, seriously, Magic Road Show? Thanks for completely missing the point, guys. The heart of your game right now is drafting, like it or not, and learning to draft in the current environment is too damn hard. Maybe your Road Show should be a traveling school – or maybe you should tweak the DCI to emphasize sealed-deck or Arena-style league play instead of anything Type II.
  • Mongoose announces Paranoia standalone card game, with new B&W art. This could go either way, given the Mongoose “kwality-with-a-K” design department. Or maybe it’s just their RPGs that have that problem. At any rate I have long dreamed of the card-gaming possibilities in the Paranoia universe so I’ll watch this one’s career with great interest, as it were.


  1. the new roleplaying game brought back the original artist. If Mongoose keeps him aboard, the look-and-feel of the Paranoia universe should be maintained just fine.

  2. They brought him back, but it looks like they didn’t pay him enough to do anything more than muddy first drafts in a lot of cases. I mean, maybe it’s just the reproduction. But on the whole, I don’t have lots of confidence that they can design a great-looking card game. In cards, the standards go up.

  3. Conquest of the Empire is actually a new version of one of the old Milton Bradley Gamemaster Series that gave us Axis and Allies and Samurai Swords. It’s all roman and stuff..looks fun.

  4. It didn’t come up in the article, but I also heard that among the old GW games that are being republished is:

    Blood Royale! Yes, Blood Royale!! It’s planned, I guess, for sometime in 2006.

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