GTS press wrapup, in which WizKids does not piss me off (much)

  • WizKids announces a new CSG, Rocketmen, for this summer. Good news: Buck-Rogers-meets-Rocketeer stylee is hawtt, plus they’re doing a dynamic-army-building resource-management thing, which has needed to happen in minis gaming for a while in my opinion. Let’s make tabletop minis a better way to RTS than RTS! Bad news: “Rocketmen will be accompanied by both Web- and DVD-based cartoons.” All right! Way to focus.
  • Green Ronin is showing Human Head’s line of Gothica board games, which is actually a line now as of Frankenstein’s Children and Mummy’s Wrath. There is also, of course, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing, which is looking sharp and hits at the end of the month. Our spies tell us that, besides Green Ronin, indy RPG companies tend to have a very low profile at the show…
  • I can tell you there are some inaccuracies in this GR summary of Looney Labs’ plans for the year. It’s not true that they aren’t visiting conventions – they’ll have their usual large “experiment” space at Origins, they just won’t have a booth. Also, don’t expect all three of those Icehouse boxed games “soon” – I think they want to get Volcano out soonest, but my money is on Martian Chess or (my favorite) Homeworlds.