GTS 05 press wrapup, in which I remember to start putting the year in the post title

  • Scroll your way to the bottom game report on this here page for the skinny on a new cooperative Days of Wonder game called Shadows Over Camelot. That’s right, I said cooperative, so all you Lord of the Rings board game haters can start jerking your knees now. There’s a lot of untapped thematic juice in the whole Camelot thing in my opinion (Tom Jolly aside).
  • Okay: we are long overdue in talking about Clout Fantasy, the first news of which came out a couple weeks ago. We didn’t report it at the time, I think because we were too busy boggling at it. I mean, I figured Adkison would get back into publishing at some point, but with a collectible… poker-chip game? Whatever, Pete, it’s your money. But now actual gameplay has been demoed at the show, and… we are still kind of saying whatever, because it’s apparently Diceland with d2’s. I mean, maybe there are more significant differences in the details, and yeah, maybe it’s fun, but… maybe just playing quarters is fun too, and $2.50 gets you more than two of those.
  • Kenzer announces two card games, neither of which has the Knights of the Dinner Table in them, so that’s progress.


  1. Shadows over camelot looked way neat. They were literally demoing the game off of sketches of the board. You are looking to collect white swords by completing quests, but a black sword is returned to the round table for every quest failed. The neat twist is the fact that at the beginning of the game, you are dealt a card…and in that deck of (8 cards?) one card is a traitor card. Much like Betrayal of House on the Hill, you dunno who (or if) there is a traitor amongst the questing nights. I think this is gonna be another big ht for DoW.

    Clout just didn’t grab me at all. It totally reminded me of playing quarters when i was a kid. yes, I am clear that t is also like Diceland…but I played a lot more quarters than diceland 😉 We came away with what I think is the deal breaker for this game: You need a pretty specific play-space to make it work. Something akin to a craps table…or at last a felt lined table with some form of backstop for the chips to bounce off. They claimed you could play it on the sidewalk, or a sandbox…but that seemed a little fishy to me. Sand would make the chips “stick” as they hit the surface, concrete would totally mar your collectable chip. So, you will need to do a little bit of work to play the game, in the form of building a table to play it. Doesn’t seem worth the effort.

    I managed to miss the Kenzer card games entirely.

    There were a few other things I did see. The new SJG “Spanc” card game looked fun. I watched a quick demo. Looks on par with Munchkin, and has cute art.

    The new version of WHFRP looks VERY nice. It is a hardback, and much thinner than the previous versions. Should be in store the very last part of March, and I am sure buying one.

    The FFE board game lineup had us drooling. I saw box art for most of the 2005 releases, and contrary to previous reports, WoW is only War of the Ring big, not Twilight Imperium big. I saw the components for Arkham Horror, and OH YEAH!, did they get that right.

    The new Privateer Press book was announced for Warmachine, along with their new strategy to make some BIG figures for the game in resin. these are not the display pieces they did previously, these are actual models for the game, cast in resin. they are multipart (30 for the first one, if memory serves) and unlike Forge World for 40k, these will be availible through your local retailer, and considered part of the regular line of miniatures.

    I will try and remember more…..

  2. Nice to see WHFRP looks good in the new edition to a trained eye. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw the playest version.

    The whole big figure thing for Warmachine sounds very interesting. I haven’t really kept up on my WM stuff as of late, but I do like the look of the releases.

  3. Privateer Press does indeed seem to be on fire. I’ve been remiss in not posting about them.

  4. hey Chris, can you elaborate on the Arkham Horror game? What was so right about this new version?

  5. WilliamG

    I worked at Chaosium some years back, and had the original version of the game. If I could sum it up quickly, I would say that if Chaosium had the money to pay the artists, and print on the quality stock that FFE did for this new version, they sure would have. It looks like the game will have all the original flavor without much gameplay change at all….

  6. sweet. I was wavering on Arkham, but now I’ll have to put it on my buy list. Thanks Chris.

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