Deathknell heard, loud & clear

Today marks the release of the latest D&D Miniatures expansion, Deathknell. Chock full of unholy walking dead (as seen in the numerous preview articles on the WotC site), the boosters for this set changed the rarity distribution of the figures. Now in each new salvo of minis gamers buy, there’s one less uncommon figure, replaced by a common. Time will tell if players get annoyed by the change, or if they appreciate the larger horde of For those who want to drool before purchasing, be sure to stop by the Deathknell gallery WotC put up.


  1. The change looks like it could work, but I think WotC needs to do a better job of picking out the commons. For Deathknell, the commons included a deathlock (sort of a junior lich) and a goblin adept. I’d rather have those as uncommons, since they’re more likely to serve as boss monsters than grunts.

    OTOH, it’s great to buy a case or two and get lots of grunt figures, like the orc savages, kenku sneaks, and bullywugs from this set.

    The other useful part of this change is that they can afford to push more good-aligned figures into the uncommon slots without cutting down on the raw numbers of figures for each faction.

  2. Okay if I remember correctly it used to be:

    1 rare
    2 uncommon
    5 common

    Am I wrong. The change would imply:

    1 rare
    1 uncommon
    6 common

    Doesn’t that make uncommons the same as rares. Or am I mistaken and was it 1/3/4

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