That hobby with the dungeons and stuff

A friend pointed out a London Times article about Games Workshop‘s recent decline in share value. Other than strangely comparing GW’s drop in profits to “Jessops, the camera shop, and Topps Tiles, the ceramic tiles specialist”, this article was notable for one other reason: the reporter sites GW as the company “which specialises in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.” Now, it’s great that D&D has the name recognition power to stick in this person’s head, as she’s obviously not a gamer. But come on, people. If her mistake were correct, it’d be bigger news than her intended topic. “Games Workshop shares down 30%. Oh, and they now own D&D.”


  1. OMG. Isn’t that like the Seventh Sign before the coming of Apocalypse? GW owning DUNGEONS & DRAGONS intellectual properties? 😉

    Somebody over there better correct Sarah Butler.

  2. I’m not sure that the words ‘Games Workshop’ and ‘Intellectual’ belong in the same sentence 😉 I mean OK we now have the all-new WFRP book and very nice it is too but… Games Workshop don’t seem to want to have anything to do with it bar the licensing regs. Wonder if they’ll be stocking it. And as for owning D&D, I worry for the quality of the London Times that they would print such an inaccuracy. Sure GW isn’t the most important business to someone thinking of investing but there is such a thing as research, is there not?

    Hey, maybe I should apply for a job there hehehe


  3. Well, I sent off a letter to them suggesting that my confidence in GW’s stock would be shaken, too, if the core product of the company is so difficult to identify and so readily mistaken for a competitor’s…
    Next, Wizkids will have some bad news after reporting a loss in sales on their D&D Skirmishes line.

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