Cartoon Action Hour story

Z-Man Games and Spectrum Games have been collaborating to pack each Cartoon Action Hour release with energon cubes – um, sorry, entertaining campaign material. Their newest product, currently in PDF at the Z-Man site, looks to be no exception. Star Warriors is the third series book for CAH, a 64-page supplement that provides a details of a fictional space opera series complete with “meta-game backstory of the cartoon itself.” I wonder if it gives reasons for the series being cancelled, or perhaps a list of celebrity voices that appeared on the show.

Z-Man/Spectrum press release follows:


Z-Man Games and Spectrum Games proudly announce the third Series Book for their popular Cartoon Action Hour roleplaying game. Star Warriors offers players and Game Masters a riotous, action-packed space opera setting, where the noble forces of good must battle the foul Lord Zarnon and his legion of evil-doers!

According to Cynthia Celeste Miller, President of Spectrum Games, “We feel that Star Warriors delivers on all levels. Evan Waters devised an astoundingly cool series, complete with fun characters and themes. Furthermore, the art looks like it was taken directly from a ficticious 1980s cartoon and the layout is dead-on for the genre. Fans of Cartoon Action Hour are going to be pleasantly surprised.”

Star Warriors packs quite a punch, content-wise.

– Meta-game “backstory” of the “cartoon” itself.
– Extensive information on the setting.
– Revised rules for spaceship combat.
– Rules for quick character creation.
– More than a dozen heroes and villains.
– Stats for a whole slew of spaceships, vehicles, weapons, and gear.
– Thirteen episode seeds, one of which represents the “Journey of the Star Warriors” animated movie.
– A complete, ready-to-play episode.
– Details on six new races.
– Fully loaded Game Master section that includes rules for randomly generating interesting planets, a discussion about the space opera genre conventions, and much more!

This 64-page PDF book can be downloaded from for $7.50. It will also be available from in the very near future.

Cynthia Celeste Miller
President, Spectrum Games