Original Arkham Horror expansion rises again

A while back, our friends over at Yog-Sothoth.com scored a copy of the unpublished supplement to the rare and elusive Arkham Horror boardgame, and posted it for all to download and enjoy. Unfortunately, the site had to take the file down shortly thereafter until a day when the game’s ownership issues (mentioned here) could be sorted out. That day has come, and once more the fine cultists of Yog-Sothoth offer the sacred ritual text that is Return to Arkham Horror. The stars must be aligned or something.

As if that weren’t enough, Arkham Horror designer Richard Launius has provided the same cultists with Miskatonic Madness a two player Cthulhu boardgame, as an archive of zipped PDFs. The game sounds suitably creepy:

Miskatonic Madness takes place at the fabled Lovecraftian University where strange things have been happening since the arrival of Professor Langley to the Anthropology Department. Students have disappeared, chanting heard in the woods and only yesterday a withered corpse of a once young athlete was discovered on the campus green!

At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me if FFG’s new version of Arkham Horror ended up for download on Yog-Sothoth first.

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