Avalon Hill announces Axis & Allies Miniatures for Gen Con

Finally, some collectible WWII minis. But, um, there’s this little game out there called Flames of War, and… well, I guess we’ll see how it shakes out. I mean, D&D Minis is certainly kicking ass over Mage Knight these days, and you could probably say they’re in the same segment of the market. I’ll have a look at Gen Con. (Oh: yeah, um, in case you care, I’ll be covering Gen Con instead of Origins this year. We trust that any Origins news will be good about getting out via means other than me. Plus, they say Indy has plenty of WiFi.)


  1. About time!! A WWII themed game seemed like it was a natural, and while the collectible nature will definitely turn away a lot of the Old Guard I think it’ll be the perfect gateway drug to more serious wargaming. We need fresh blood in the hobby after all.

  2. ah yes – Yet Another Axis & Allies game. I’ll stick this on the shelf next to Star Wars Risk, shall I?

    fucking hasbro. rather than let AH die with dignity we have to suffer through this tripe.

  3. Indy does have a lot of Wi-Fi. Along with all kinds of other cool stuff. Lemme know if you need a list of good places to eat.

  4. Ah geez… collectible… is there truly no low to which the malignant wraiths that inhabit the rotting corpse of Avalon HIll will not sink to?

  5. So… we’ll have to fight ravening crowds of retailers at cons to get the “B-17 Heavy Bomber” ultra limited edition when you buy $100 worth of stuff?

    No thanks. I’ll stick to the board game.

  6. Jeez, did somebody sell you guys a fake package of baseball cards when you were little that turned out to have a dog turd in it? And then they pointed and laughed in front of all your friends? (And then told everyone that you had WotC’s convention practices confused with WizKids’? Which, er, you do?)

    Seriously, I really don’t understand the vitriol aimed at collectibility itself. If it causes bad behavior among players, you have to kinda blame that on the players. Sure, collectibility can be mismanaged to a game’s detriment, but no such shenanigans have gone on with D&D Minis and there’s every reason to believe that WotC will repeat what’s worked so well there when it does A&A Minis.

    But if we didn’t make kneejerk arguments on the Internet, we might all have to play World of Warcraft to fill the time instead, and that gets pricey.

  7. Yeah, see, interdiction doesn’t work. You have to treat it as a public health problem. 🙂

  8. Somebody’s gotta ask…

    does this mean we’ll see an ultra-rare Hitler mini?

  9. Duuuude. I do not think anyone actually had to ask that.

    (But since you did, will it have stats for D&D Minis too?)

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