Oh, good freakin’ God: White Wolf announces CSG

June 7th, 2005: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Oh, good freakin’ God: White Wolf announces CSG

“Speed and valor bring victory!” What brings bankruptcy, I wonder? Racer Knights Of Falconus will feature “a variety of plastic cardstock components from which to build your Racer including engines, tires, weapons, armor, and more plus a rules sheet and two dice.” Ooooooh, two dice! I mean, I really like the one CSG there’s been so far so I guess I shouldn’t bitch, but this just looks incoherent and… well, like a White Wolf product. Sorry to put it that way, but there it is. Exalted still seems like good IP, but most of the rest of their lineup, including this, is starting to look kind of silly. No release date announced on this, so we’ll see what happens.


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