Oh, good freakin’ God: White Wolf announces CSG

“Speed and valor bring victory!” What brings bankruptcy, I wonder? Racer Knights Of Falconus will feature “a variety of plastic cardstock components from which to build your Racer including engines, tires, weapons, armor, and more plus a rules sheet and two dice.” Ooooooh, two dice! I mean, I really like the one CSG there’s been so far so I guess I shouldn’t bitch, but this just looks incoherent and… well, like a White Wolf product. Sorry to put it that way, but there it is. Exalted still seems like good IP, but most of the rest of their lineup, including this, is starting to look kind of silly. No release date announced on this, so we’ll see what happens.


  1. heh.

    Actually an “action-figure”-scale CSG could be really fun, and would allow you to do exactly that. Or mix and match werewolf claws with robot arms and police pistols. Shades of Z-G!

  2. No. Shadowrun died because it had bad economics, and a game design that tried to fit those economics and therefore itself suffered. Printing your figures on polystyrene cards, and having the players assemble them, changes the economics into something workable.

    That said, combat games wherein one manages a single figure do seem to be unpopular most of the time. The exception I can think of, Inquisitor, seems hardly to be an exception. Chris, maybe you can shed light on that one?

  3. The main issue we have found with games such as Inquisitor or Shadowrun (we meaning retailers I have discussed this with) is this: who is the demographic? Mini’s gamers aren’t fond of them because it requires a whole new scale of terrain to play on. That may sound trivial, but it really is an issue for those hardcore into minis. They want to play their games on nice tables, with nice terrain.
    So, who’s left? Collectors? Well, none of these games fall into the random nature many collectors find appealing. How many times have you watched a person in a game store buy a pack of clix, open it on the spot, then run over, buy another one and do it all again?
    Action figure guys want to see regular releases of nicely prebuilt and painted models. Inquisitor wasn’t that. SR was, but kept missing dates, and their release schedule was SLOW….
    So, we find these games satisfying none of their “target demographic” to any great effect. That means it sells well out the gate (maybe) and then dies fast. SR was that way. Inquisitor was that way.
    I honestly have no clue what this game will do. We got a solicitation from one of our distributors this morning…and his message was skeptical at best. He felt that that their ad copy was simply confusing and evasive. I can’t disagree.

  4. Action figures guys would also likely stare at you in horror as you ripped your new figure out of the box to play with.

  5. To be fair, if they started doing push out and assemble werewolves and vampires and stuff, I’d probably buy one or two packs myself, just so that I could have them as silly desk ornaments, and flick elastic bands at them. I doubt I’d ever play the game, but then I don’t think I’ll ever play the Pirate Ship one, and I still have a couple of ships sailing around this computer desk even as I type.

    On the other hand, Racer Knights of Falconus is a) a really stupid name, b) reminds me too much of ‘speed racer’, c) is far too kidsy for my liking and d) isn’t authentic enough. The piratey one got instant credit because the ships looked great, and like actual ships. Some strange fantasy/sci-fi racing thing well… normally I like original ideas, but this sounds lame. In common with Pokemon and a whole host of bad kid’s cartoons otherwise, it sounds like an entire world is being invented around a single aspect of the culture which everyone in that world will probably be eagre to much around with. Is ANYONE in the Pokemon world NOT obsesses with the blasted things? But who knows, maybe they will surprise us…

    But yeah, I wanna see plasticard press-out werewolves! Release those instead, WW!


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