CCG mounts epic battle between business plan and reality

So this new Score CCG called Epic Battles, which I don’t know anything else about, will be sold exclusively through Blockbuster Video at first, then trying to feed customers from Blockbuster back to hobby stores, via organized play. The latter point sheds some light, I think, on why all these people wanna be in Blockbuster in the first place. I doubt it’ll be effective in any great numbers, but it is encouraging to see that some publishers still know who really supports them in the long term. Theories?


  1. I have been getting emails from the company doing this one..and honestly, I got nothin’ on what they are thinking on this one. They are entering an already saturated market, that in many ways is troubled in many senses. Good luck to them on this one…

  2. My guess is they’re basing this on the assumption that there will be churn with younger customers coming in to rent video games.

    intuitively I suspect this is the very demographic most likely to hook up with gamefly and bypass retail rental entirely, but I could be wrong.

  3. Rich,

    I think you may be right…but Blockbuster just seems like the wrong choice in genral. Maybe Gamecrazy/Hollywood Video…or heck, just skip the whole thing and save a bunch of trees…

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