Introducing the OgreCave Audio Report

July 26th, 2005: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Introducing the OgreCave Audio Report

So, Chris wanted to podcast, and I said, “Okay.” The OgreCave Audio Report is a weekly half-hour-or-less on the gaming industry topics of the week, plus what we are playing and liking. We figure we spend enough time just kind of Waldorfing about gaming stuff that we may as well record it and put it up. It’s got an iTunes-ready feed and everything, although it needs a nicer template (also some links to other gaming podcasts would be lovely – I know GeekSpeak and Boardgames To Go, but please post links to others in the comments). There are some sound troubles which we’ll have ironed out by next week, hopefully – I don’t think they detract from the current program’s enjoyability. This week we discuss the Rackham news, as well as the WizKids announcements and sundry other goings-on. Hope you enjoy it.


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