Warmachine: The Card Game (note: lies)

1) Wow, we really haven’t posted since the podcast.

2) New podcast will be up Monday night probably.

3) The Warmachine Faction Decks are the best product Privateer has ever made. They comprise one (or, in the case of warjacks commonly fielded in groups, more) of each character card for all the units in the first two sets of Warmachine (that is, Prime and Escalation), grouped by faction. Each faction will run you about $12.99 for all the cards, which are just like the ones that come in the figure packages, only in color (maybe those are in color now, I don’t know). You can then put these cards in little plastic sleeves, so you can use grease pencils to check off all their little checkboxes during play, and pair them with your D&D minis, old MechWarrior figs you picked up from the discount rack, chess pieces, whatever. You might even just get those little plastic stands for Cardboard Heroes or somesuch, stand the cards in them and play that way… inconvenient, but great for style points. You’ll need the rules, of course, but the quick start is a giveaway poster at most stores. I don’t know why this appeals to me so much more than playing out of the books, but it really does. These cards are cool.

4) Josh Kornbluth, noted monologist and star of the films Haiku Tunnel and Red Diaper Baby, is sitting and typing at the table out in front of this cafe. His ergonomics are terrible.