Tomorrow Knights RPG, today

After a bit more delay than expected, Z-Man Games has shipped a completed Tomorrow Knights RPG. The 128-page rulebook is based on the comic series, which I haven’t read, but sounds somewhat similar in concept to Bubblegum Crisis, or at least in the same ballpark. Spectrum Games developed the game, which should be in stores any minute now.

Z-Man/Spectrum Games press release follows:


After several delays due to technical and scheduling problems, the Tomorrow Knights RPG from Z-Man Games will be shipping to stores starting the last week in July.

According to TKs co-creator Roy Richardson, “We hit a few unexpected bumps right at the end, but the book is back from the printer, and it looks great. We’re all very happy with the finished product, and I think gamers and TK fans will be as well.”

The RPG is adapted from the 6 issue Tomorrow Knights comic mini series. The series was a tale of near-future Sci-fi interweaving elements of Mecha, cyberpunk, and gritty detective fiction. The original comic mini was by co-creators Richardson (Flash, Star Wars) and Rod Whigham (Punisher, GI Joe), and was produced by Marvel under the Epic imprint. Tomorrow Knights is copyright & TM ’05 by Richardson/Whigham.

The 128 pp. RPG was produced by Spectrum and Z-man Games, and retails for $19.95. For more info, go to Tomorrow Knights can be purchased from in the coming days.