OgreCave Audio: Games Expo, Games Workshop, games-tastic!

Audio is smoother than last time, but a bit quiet. (You’d rather hear the end theme music than me anyway.) But it’s there now and you may jump on it. Gently, please – this one’s nearly an hour and we are hosting it ourselves. We’ll see how long that lasts.

UPDATE: ok I guess you can comment on it.


  1. The only thing you need to work on is the sound (as you said) but, other than that, I think you guys did a good show and it was just as interesting (if not more so) than the half-hour one.

    I just want to know the artist and name of that star wars remix at the opening and closing so I can hunt down a copy.

  2. Pretty cool.

    I like turning the sound up, kickin’ back, and getting the industry update. A lot of us spend so much time staring at a video moniter that this is welcome to our eyes.

  3. This week’s theme is DJ Z-Trip’s take on John Williams’ Imperial Theme from Star Wars, as heard on Uneasy Listening Volume 1. It’s rare but can probably be had illegally… not that it was tremendously legal to begin with.

    I will probably keep changing the theme every week.

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