Sabertooth announces Penny Arcade CCG, geek culture implodes under own weight of self-reference

I am actually looking forward to this. I love the strip, and it looks like the creators have been deeply involved in creating the cards and artwork. It looks like the Penny Arcade CCG is designed around some Vs.-esque system where you can take any two decks from however many licenses they can get, and make them fight each other. That idea makes my doom-sense tingle a bit, but the theme of fighting in an epic, ridiculous way out of context for no reason suits the Penny Arcade theme to a T. No release date that I can find; I will follow up on this at Gen Con. [UPDATE: apparently the game is not collectible in any conventional sense, but will be compatible with future games which may be… so Sabertooth is going ahead and calling this one a CCG. *sigh* Load gun, aim at foot, pull trigger.]