GenCon 05 aftermath: the smallest game at the show

I didn’t find many little tiny small-press surprises at Gen Con… not the kind that I always find at Origins, anyway. Maybe the really tiny companies are priced out of Gen Con’s booth space, or maybe the smaller games are just always gonna be of the roleplaying persuasion (and hence either located at the Forge booth or probably forgettable). But by sheer chance I found I Win – it was sharing a booth with the Wench guy, and I sure wouldn’t have touched that booth with a ten-foot pole if I hadn’t been directed there by the woman who clued me into I Win. It’s 16 black and white cards, it directs you to the website for instructions, and it’s so beautiful it’s like a little poem. It’s like a very charming, baroque elaboration of rock-paper-scissors or something. It does, in fact, hinge on your playing one of the cards that says “I Win.” My only complaint is that when I tried to pull up the rules on my cell phone browser, I couldn’t because they’re a PDF for no damned reason. But it’s a tiny PDF so you can check it out with impunity. Go!