Halo movie plans confirmed

According to Variety, Microsoft’s hit X-box game Halo will see a movie adaptation in 2007. The rights to the film were up for grabs for some time, and Fox and Universal finally took the bait jointly. Now, while I’m a big Bungie fan, I’m still a bit gunshy after the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Here’s to hoping the movie studios put someone at the helm that has at least half a clue.


  1. When the last movie based on a videogame that was a box office success or at least received minimal negative criticisms?

  2. Microsoft had Alex Garland, novelist and screenwriter of 28 Days Later and The Beach, do the screenplay as part of a package deal they took to studios. The article claims that Garland is still on the project, so I’m not too worried about this one. It might not be the movie we dream of, but it won’t be D&D.

    Uwe Boll, on the other hand, needs to have his typing fingers amputated.

  3. I still have hope for a good D&D movie but can’t stand the film right is in the possession of an idiot, Courtney Solomon.

  4. Dai, if there’s any way the Halo movie could get screwed up, Hollywood is capable of finding it. I sure hope the studios pull off a great film, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

  5. I already know that Hollywood have a gazillion ways to screw a film’s production.

    But is Hollywood capable of making a good videogame-based film?

  6. Considering that Halo 2 was already a bad Hollywood action movie in the first place I don’t see how they could screw it up.

  7. The one thing i just dont wanna see is a bad film. it will mess up the way i see and play halo for years so if they expect the movie to go down. expect the game to go down as well.

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