Shadowrun 4th: slight delay

OgreCave has been hearing that Shadowrun 4th Edition won’t be meeting its shipping date this week. Apparently, a printing delay, the bane of many a publisher, has kept FanPro from meeting the release date of today, October 3rd. Word is to expect the book soon, probably next week, so don’t blow the cash you set aside for it just yet.


  1. I had my money set aside for it at GenCon but, after that fiasco and the time that has passed, I’ve found other games to play. I guess I should thank FanPro, that $40 bought me some really nice miniatures.

    Maybe I’ll get the jones to run it at some later point but, for now, they had their window and blew it with me.

  2. Besides, James, it’s not like you’re pushing daisies — or reaching 37 years of age — anytime soon. 😉

  3. I am a big fan of fanPro’s products…but I am not too happy at how this was handled. At all.

  4. Yah… you got that right Dai – I’ve still got three good years of livin’ before I hit that wall 🙂

  5. Looks like SR 4th may be shipping from Distributors to store Monday. That means we may have them by Friday of next week…

  6. Cut FanPro some slack. Both the GenCon problems and the current delay were the fault of their printers and binders. From what I heard, the printers only sent a fraction of the promised books to GenCon (thus causing the rationing of what did arrive), and the binders lied about having the current stock of books ready to go.

  7. Travis,

    The slack has been cut on many fronts…what the main issue seems ot be on this one, is comunication. That is the bigegst issue in this situation…Poop happens, but it’s much easier to stomach, and in my particular case as a retailer, assure upset customers if I have actual information.

  8. Yes, that statement I can get behind. FanPro should have been more vocal in what was happening – not just with the printing and binding issues, but also with incorrect information that the distributors were allegedly giving retailers about the LE books. By keeping quiet, they hurt themselves and lose sales.

  9. Meh. Whether they have information or reason for the delay, it’s still won’t stop the customer whining completely.

  10. Hey Dai,

    Just curious? How many hours a week do you put behind the counter of a reatil game store? You often make sweeping comments like that here, and I was just wondering where the first hand experience comes from?

  11. New news.
    SR 4th hit distribution today, but was short shipped. My guess is that store who pre-ordered will see at least some of that order…others may not. Dunno. Will continue to feed this thread until they are done shipping.

  12. I don’t have to work at FLGS. The internet is the “el primo” place to rant about the most pettiest of things. I try to ignore them, but they’re about as close to being spammer, always in my face.

    The most convenient solution is not to visit those sites, but then I have to include as well. A Catch-22, is that right, James?


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