No Audio Report this week

My travel plans totally smacked us up, so we will have to pick up again next weekend. We will at least touch on the stuff in last week’s comments next time, but we thought we’d throw out another topic to tide you all over; let’s call it an “open thread” and see what happens, besides everyone telling us we should get forums. Got something you wouldn’t mind hearing some talk about on the podcast? Let us know.


  1. *Tragic hurricane flooding*


    *spreading killer bird flu*


    *OgreCave Audio delayed*

    OMG! This can’t stand! Life is cruuueeell …

  2. Podcast idea: How big (in dollars) is the RPG market? How much is D&D? Is it growing/steady/shrinking? Who gets the rest?

    Aslo, Steve Jackson once said (IIRC) that if the D&D market grows by 5%, his games grow by 5%. Is this true? Any evidence to back it up?

    Alternate idea: define “RPG market.”

  3. RPGs play the same today as they did 10, 20, and 30 years ago. There have been refinements, but the games still pretty much follow the same basic paradigm and form.

    Is the above statement true or false? Are RPGs evolving, or are they static? Do indie games offer innovations that can bleed over to mainstream games, or are they just another fad enjoying its time in the sun? Are indie games even RPGs, or are they something new?

  4. “Dungeons & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God.” Discuss. Why did the WotC commercials suck so BAD in it? If I was someone who didn’t know about the game, I wouldn’t be interested in the least (based on those ads) to look into it.

    On an unrelated note, the film wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It certainly wasn’t anything great but it wasn’t terrible either. I’ll certainly watch the third one when it is released and I’ll buy a copy of it on DVD for my library.

    And in the “RPGs as film” topic… any new news on the RIFTS film that Jerry Bruckheimer was susposed to be doing… or has it slipped back into development hell?

  5. We need to hear you guys’ opinion on da DnD II Dragon God flick!

    Did Allan survive? (did he even watch it?)

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