Essen 05 travelogues begin slightly bothering me

Not that I’m complaining – I know how tough it is to pull yourself away from a show to report on it – but it just seems like it’s always done in the same, sort of stilted way. Firstly, why tell us in obsessive detail how you got to the hotel? I can see this being of interest to people who play rail games all the time, but that’s about it. Second, why not many little posts about the many games you played and/or saw? The publishers would certainly appreciate the Googlejuice that stems from having the title of their game in the name of the page. (This fellow seems to be making a try, actually. It’s tough, though, isn’t it?) But no, it’s always Travel Day, Day 1, Day 2. Day 1 is laid out for you in a certain-to-be-replaced index at Gamewire, and there’s plenty more here.

Oh: Deutsche SpielePriese goes to Alea’s Louis XIV. Rio Grande already has it on your shelf. Or, you know, your store’s shelf.