Racer Knights of Falconus video shows cars, small dice, strange woodchips

WhiteWolf is opening the kimono on next month’s CSG entry Racer Knights of Falconus with a 10MB downloadable video about setting up the game. It clearly shows the cars and some of the other widgets that structure the game, including something odd to demarcate their play area that reminds me of the big hunks of bark they used to line kids’ playgrounds with, back before there were quite so many lawsuits. Aspects of the cars look kind of cool, other aspects look kind of overengineered (did the stat strips need to be made? I think something cheaper might actually have worked better), and still other aspects look overengineered but also cool. Me, I think the video thing is a great idea, whose time may even have come (I wish we had figures on broadband penetration amongst hobby gamers). I could quibble – the sound mix isn’t 100%, and there are a ton of ways they could have made it smaller – but on the whole it’s worth a look.