1. Well, interesting news I found out is that the run we saw of SR was a very limited one. Fanpro basically did a short run “just to get the book out”, then immediately went and 1) started negotiating with the original printer who was causing them some difficulty, and 2) other printers who might do the job better (or something like that.) What that means is we have no idea when the book will be back. We sold 11 standard hardcovers, and 1 deluxe (and mine)…with no ETA when we can sell more. Foo.

  2. I am hoping to see Descent: Journeys in the Dark and the World of Warcraft boardgame under my tree this Christmas.. I wouldn’t turn down Mario Kart DS, though.

    (Yes, I’m a monster-bashing, treasure-stealing, level-grinding fantasy boardgame fanboy, and I’m proud.)

  3. Everything I want to see under the tree, I’l have to buy for myself. No problem! 😀

    SR4 (I managed to score a ltd ed. but I want a regular book to actually use at the gaming table)
    That great big Castles & Crusades book that’s out – Yggsburgh is it?
    Serenity RPG

    Just curious. Steve Kani. ECHS, class of ’85?

  4. I’ll have to toss in another agreement on the World of WarCraft board game. I really want it.

    I’d also like to score myself copies of:
    The Army of Darkness RPG
    The City of Heroes RPG (may or may not make it out by X-Mas)
    War of the Rings: Battles of the Third Age board game
    and Dungeoneer: Realm of the Ice Witch

  5. Chris,

    Still don’t know if it’s the same Steve Kani I knew, but you and I were at ECHS at the same time (for a little while anyway). I was class of ’85 too.

    Sorry to hijack the discussion w/ the class reunion! Back to your regularly scheduled thread!

  6. I’m hoping my honey picks up on my desire for Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

    (I’ve deliberately aovided buying it for myself. Also any Heroscape expansions would not be shunned, even though I *never* get to play the freakin’ game. It’s just so pretty…

  7. I’ll clear this up. Yes. I am the same Steve Kani (ECHS class of ’85). My brother graduated from ECHS at the same time as Chris, class of ’88.

    Nice to see that you are still gaming, Mike.

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