Tabletop RPG theory for the casually curious

Ron Edwards is a great writer – from what I’ve seen, he can accomplish pretty much anything he decides he wants to accomplish. But there are times that I really wonder about what he wants to accomplish, such as when I try to read his RPG theory articles at the Forge. To quote Tim Burton: “These read like stereo instructions!” Maybe there are good reasons to choose that vernacular, like settling arguments or keeping out the riff-raff. But being riff-raff myself, I went looking for an easier-to-read trip through a few of the high points of Gamist-Narrativist-Simulationist theory, sharing GM duties and all that other good stuff. And lo and behold, it was right under my nose at the site of Dogs in the Vineyard author Vincent Baker. Rock! Don’t let the page title scare you: Baker is as good a writer as Edwards and, in this instance, a better teacher.