Dead of Night sees light of day

SteamPower Publishing has unleashed a bit of terror into the roleplaying world with its new release, Dead of Night. This 224-page, digest-sized gamebook is “based on campfire tales, horror stories and urban myths.” The book’s easy portability is emphasized in statements on the website like “adapted for play on the move”, which makes me think of Sherpa, the RPG designed to play while hiking. Containing five adventures to play through and stylish artwork as well, Dead of Night sells for $19.99 and should be in stores now.

SteamPower Publishing press release follows:

The bite sized RPG is here!
Look for Dead of Night: the little book of horrors, in your local game stores beginning November 14th, 2005. If they’re not carrying it, bug them until they do! If your FLGS refuses to carry it, order it from Key20 Publishing .

This ultra-portable 224-page book is one-quarter the physical size of standard RPG releases, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

You’ve heard it before for many other games, but I’ll say it again: The game offers some very unique ideas. It’s well worth your hard-earned gaming bucks.

Read the basic rules, generate characters in moments, and play a full session in the same evening! We focused on the essential elements of horror stories and movies that players want translated into games.

  • Uses eight attributes, which cover any conceivable action.
  • Remains universally accessible while lacking conventional physical or mental stats.
  • Allows the creation of a plethora of specialized skills and abilities, limited only by player imagination and GM dictates.
  • Minimizes die rolling.
  • Mechanizes the concept of “fudging” die rolls.
  • Describes narrative guidelines for five distinct styles of horror gaming.
  • Provides a Tension mechanic to help GMs gauge and deliver impactful horror scenes.
  • Includes targeted rules for multiple styles of play, such as GM-less play and secret! player character monsters.

Got questions or comments about Dead of Night? Ask them at the SteamPower forums . You’ll typically get a response within a day, unless I don’t notice your post. In that case, please send me a private message.

We’re dedicated to making Dead of Night a mainstream horror RPG. We can only do that with feedback from customers and steady product improvement and support. Help us out, and we’ll give you the best horror gaming experience possible!
Andrew Kenrick
SteamPower Publishing