OgreCave videos: Tidbits from GenCon SoCal ’05

We didn’t make nearly enough time for interviewing folks at Gen Con SoCal a couple weeks back, but Steve and I did manage to tape a couple of interesting videos. Trying a 3-5 question approach to minimize the bandwidth hit, we talked with Mark MacKinnon of Guardians of Order about the Limited Edition of A Game of Thrones RPG; asked the Dead Gentlemen about upcoming projects; and learned about what makes The Burning Wheel RPG so great from Luke Crane. As a bonus, Peter Adkison of Gen Con LLC stopped by and momentarily derailed our talk with Luke, but it was so worth it. Have a look at all of these, and our older videos, on our Video page, of course.

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  1. Good show!

    I now have no desire to participate in True Dungeon, as it sounds completly inferior to the out of the way Camarilla event I was in in 2003, which frankly makes True Dungeon look lame and boring in comparison.

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