1. Those rackham mecha pieces do leave a lot to be desired. It looks like theyre inspired more by the SF3D mecha series than anything like warmachine though.

    But still worse than SF3D.

  2. Hi,

    Could you give a bit more of an in-depth review on Infinity. The minis do look rather nice, but what do you think sets it apart from any other sci-fi skirmish ruleset out there?


  3. Tried to comment on the show that follows this, but the comment link seems to be broken. I found your podcast while tooling around for ‘casts that dealt with Heroscape and other games. Lo and behold, at least one of you is in Portland, Oregon. Might you be going to Misercon this weekend (Feb 17-19, 2006) at Guardian Games? It’s a free event and I’m set to host a game of Heroscape there late on Sunday morning.

    If nothing else, I’d like to set up some Heroscape games with other Portland-area enthusiasts.

  4. Didn’t know about Misercon and have a cold, so no soup for me. And I am not the HeroScape fan. sorry

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