Classic BattleTech relaunches for Gen Con

Full details here, but the view from 1000 feet up is this: new core rulebooks that integrate, oh, twenty years’ worth of rules into a new, allegedly simple whole, plus some somewhat confusingly-named Starterbooks for the factions (I think), and – coolest part – an introductory box set with plastic figures. All sounds good, and Lord knows FanPro’s recent track record shows that the launch will go smoothly *cough*hack*wheeze*. I’ll be strongly tempted to pick up one of those boxes, though.


  1. I am _super_ excited about this one. We can get into it in depth during the next podcast if anyone cares…

  2. I’m really excited about this. I played a ton of BattleTech in high school. Hell, I owned an entire regiment of ‘mechs, organized according to what I could glean from the organizational tables from the Mercenaries Handbook and The Galtor Campaign.

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