Call for True Dungeon volunteers

The folks at True Dungeon are gearing up for Gen Con 2006 already. While event specific information is promised in a couple weeks, the crew is looking for volunteers, who will get various levels of swag and other compensation (even a hotel room). Read the press release below if you’re inclined to lend a hand.

True Dungeon press release follows:

Greetings True Dungeon Players,

We are now finalizing our plans for Gen Con Indy 2006, and we will be sending out our big announcement newsletter on Monday, April 3rd. Keep your eyes peeled for that info-packed newsletter that will have all the details about the event, the tavern, the tokens, True Arena (token fighter glory!), XP level benefits, and our special VIP TD Team Tournament. It will even have photos of our new super-realistic 3D stone dungeon walls, as well as a link to the official TD 2006 movie trailer video. Mark your calendars now…the big announcement comes April 3rd.

A Call for Volunteers

True Dungeon exists because of the work of a lot great people who volunteer their time so that other people can have fun. There are several different levels of volunteering depending on how many hours you can contribute. They may range from a free run through the event, to free Gen Con admission/badge reimbursement, accommodations at the Marriott hotel, cool staff t-shirts, and maybe even some swag.

Many people opt to volunteer outside the dungeon, in the Tavern for example. That way they can help out a worthy event, while not spoiling the dungeon experience for themselves. This is a great way to make even more out of your True Dungeon experience. Note: We are looking for people with a wide variety of skills, from DMs, electronics and technical skills, to actors and creative types. If you wish to be a part-time volunteer (16+ hours), you will receive a free Gen Con badge ($75 value) as well as behind-the-scenes access to one of the most exciting events at Gen Con.

If you wish to be a volunteer full time (32+ hours), you will get a free Gen Con badge, 3 free TD Staff Shirts, some free “snackage”, and you will have the option of being assigned a hotel room (at the swanky Marriott hotel) with three other TD volunteers. If you can talk a group of four friends to volunteer together you all can share the same Marriott room.

Both full and part time volunteers will be given a secret code allowing you to order a free badge through the Gen Con website. This will also allow you to pre-register for events on May 1.

If you are interested please reply IMMEDIATELY with the info requested below. Just highlight this section, and then Cut and Paste it into a NEW email addressed to Please note that you must have a genuine desire to participate in making an awesome event for your fellow gamers. The rewards of feeling the “gamer appreciation” and of wanting to befriend some very cool people should also be attractive to you. Come join the fun!


First and Last Name:

Gen Con and/or TD forum name (if any):

Mailing Address:

Preferred Email:

Preferred Phone:

T-Shirt Size

I am interested in (mark all that apply):
( ) Full Time (32+ hrs)
( ) Part Time (16+ hrs)
( ) A few hours as my schedule permits
( ) Not sure

I am interested in the following positions (please number 1-5 in order of preference):
( ) GM (Full Time only)
( ) Intro/Training/Token Trading (Acting and LARP skills preferred)
( ) Bluehand (props)
( ) Admin (Player check-in and Temple)
( ) Tavern (Bag Check, Player Wrangler, NPC, etc)

Have you played TD in the past?:
If yes, what was your favorite thing?:
If yes, what was your least favorite thing?:

Have you volunteered for TD in the past?:
If yes, when/where, and what did you do?:
If yes, your favorite part of volunteering was?:
If yes, your least favorite part of volunteering was?:

Please list any skills/hobbies you think might be helpful for the event: