Star Chamber’s new version shiny, possibly jangly as well

Some good news and bad news about Star Chamber, an old favorite ’round this way. Bad news is, the new version of their client costs money if you want to play against any human beings. (The demo has a single-player tutorial plus a little bit of AI play beyond that – I haven’t checked it out yet but it’s more than enough to get a feel for things.) Good news is, there’s now a version for Mac OS X, so all you whiners iconoclasts can check out the first truly great virtual CCG.

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  1. I played MtGO for a little while, when I was making a good living before my physical issues, and it was fun. Then after the big paychecks went away I realized that I was spending far too much money on virtual cards. So I stopped playing.

    I wonder when, if ever, there will be a similar model type game where they don’t charge you for packs/starters, but a set monthly fee that lets you play with everything.

    You win special cards, that aren’t available other than to winners, etc. so there are reasons to play in events, other than for rankings.

    I’d love to see a MtGO with a montly fee like a MMO where you just play, and play, and play, but can’t redeem the cards as you can now when you get a whole set.

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