World of Warcraft movie deal announced, Halo 3 impending

It was only a matter of time, really: today’s WoW movie announcement follows the trend of other PC and console titles heading for the big screen. I’m more interested in today’s other E3 bombshell, though. No, not the PS3 release details (hint: you’ve only got six months, line up that second job now); I mean the Halo 3 trailer. Oh yeah, baby.


  1. We should start a pool to see exactly how many voices John Rhys-Davies does for the film. I am willing to cast my vote at 37.

  2. And from Legendary’s track record, they may manage to make a video-game-based movie that doesn’t suck, even. Although there’s a chance Peter Jackson’s crew will beat them to the punch with the Halo film, on which subject: is there some significance to the events depicted in that H3 trailer that I should understand?

  3. lot of suckage going on here on both fronts. Lame trailer for a rather worn out fps.
    World of Warcraft the movie? whats going to be enjoyable about watching some guy named “Bladestorm everkill” grind for 3 hours then run around lookign for minerals to mine. The should keep the movie true to the game, so there should be people talking about non plot related ideas “wonder when the next patch will be” and people named “newbie ninjalooter” offering to join raids. On second thought this might be a good movie…

  4. Just so long as we get some hot girl on girl night elf action I’ll be happy.

  5. Gee, something tells me timopod’s not a fan of either game… 🙂

    The Halo 3 trailer doesn’t tell us fans much that we didn’t know already: Earth is the battleground again, the aliens are all over the place, and Master Chief plans to finish things. Looks cool, though.

  6. So, the big glowy hole in the ground is… the Millennium Dome? The Berkeley cyclotron? The plasma-screen TV of the future?

    Wait, wait, I know! The Earth is really the Death Star. That makes Master Chief Darth Vader, and George Lucas is actually Bill Gates, who’s been plotting to drive more business to the Xbox division by destroying children’s faith in filmed science fiction.

  7. After the stop-in-the-middle shock of Halo 2, I’m not buying Halo 3 or an XBox 360. I felt cheated when I realized that the game didn’t have an ending.

    On the Warcraft front… a live-action movie?? What? With the caliber of cinematic animations Blizzard creates for its games, I don’t understand the idea of going live.

  8. “With the caliber of cinematic animations Blizzard creates for its games, I don’t understand the idea of going live.”

    The same could have been said about Final Fantasy and you saw how well that film did. Doing it live action allows them to market it towards the crowds who turned out in droves to see LOTR. Making an animated “serious” film is still something that encounters too much resistance at the box office (sad to say).

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