Aliens vs. Predator confirmed for HorrorClix

What was rumored is now confirmed: HorrorClix is licensing Alien vs. Predator. Since it was the lead choice in a WizKids consumer poll asking which licenses to go after, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Now, do gamers dare hope for an Alien Queen figure to compliment the Great Cthulhu figure? In any case, a HorrorClix preview is scheduled for Origins this summer, and a limited presale is set for GenCon Indy, though with the Aliens Collector’s Set due in December, it’s not clear whether the sci-fi favorites will be set loose early or still trying to get through the bulkheads.

WizKids press release follows:


May 17, 2006 (SEATTLE) – WizKids Inc. is pleased to announce the first licensed property to join the HorrorClix™ collectable miniatures game (CMG). In conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox, two Alien vs. Predator Collector’s Sets are to be released. The first set features the acid-blooded Aliens, and the second set features the brutal space-faring hunters, the Predators.

“The Alien vs. Predator license adds two of the most fearsome creatures in science fiction to the HorrorClix game line,” said Jordan Weisman, WizKids® CEO. “When we asked in a recent online poll who the fans wanted to see most, Alien vs. Predator won the vote hands down. We’re just thrilled to bring the terror and excitement of Alien vs. Predator to the HorrorClix gaming experience.”

“Our teams at Twentieth Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising are thrilled to be working with WizKids on the ever-successful AVP franchise. We share their enthusiasm for this property, which has become a mainstay within the science-fiction genre. WizKids’ passion for exceptional product execution will not disappoint their fans, and Fox is proud to be a part of the HorrorClix collection this holiday and in 2007,” said Michael Peikoff, vice president of Domestic Licensing at Twentieth Century Fox.

The first HorrorClix Collector’s Set, Aliens, contains seven combat-ready creatures from the vision of H.R. Geiger and as seen in the 2004 feature film Alien vs. Predator. The Aliens Collector’s Set debuts this December, and it is available first and at a discount to “Buy it by the Brick” customers who purchase HorrorClix at their local hobby-game retail stores. A “ClixBrick” is 12 shrink-wrapped, four-figure Booster Packs. The Predator set will debut in early 2007. Each set will include a special map detailing locations from the movie, including shifting walls in an ancient pyramid.

HorrorClix mechanics are based on the industry-leading HeroClix® CMG, and the game allows players to build armies of werewolves, zombies, killer clowns and more in a wicked-fun, gore-filled romp. Imaginative characters and sculpting, great game play and an original storyline make HorrorClix a unique entry into the hobby-game market. The premiere HorrorClix release hits hobby-game stores worldwide on August 30, 2006.

A special HorrorClix sneak peek is planned at the Origins International Game Expo in Columbus, OH, on June 29. The game will also be available at a presale in limited quantities at Gen Con in Indianapolis on August 10. For additional information, visit

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  1. I am happy to see that A.V.P. is coming to horror clix and I hope that more copy rights license’s will be owned by horror clix.

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