WizKids announces followup to Tsuro

And it’s… a board game with simple, elegant mechanics and nice, pseudo-Asian components? Say it ain’t so! But hey, why mess with a winning formula – they’ve obviously found a recipe for something people really want; I just worry they might push it too hard, especially if they do more than one more after this one (which, for those who fear links, is a sort-of-Abalone-esque called Oshi and is due in late September). If anyone hears of any secret projects that fit the profile of “somewhat culturally-imperialist home decor, the CSG,” or maybe “Pottery Barn Clix,” sound the alarm, OK? [Edit: some days, I drink a lot of coffee and a joke gets a little overworked. I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with this announcement at first blush. Also, it occurs to me that there isn’t much in this market niche really – is Samurai even in print right now?]