Star Wars Starship Battles announced for November

I guess we should go ahead and post about this, as it’ll likely be one of the few recognizable bits of flotsam in the coming CMG flood. “[S]pace vehicles of all sizes, from star fighters to capital ships, all represented in relative scale.” How will they do that and still bring out a Star Destroyer eventually, without making the TIE fighters resemble no-see-ums? They won’t, that’s how, but who cares – it’s not as if starship-minis fans can be sticklers for historical accuracy. Wait… yes it is. Oh crap.


  1. I fear no vectors. Positions can give me the creeps, but fortunately you can’t possibly have both. Or at least I can’t know.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to this one, I was able to pass on the SW minis, but this one sounds cool.

  3. Me too Blake. I already have two pre-orders for cases on this one, not including my own! Woo!

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