WizKids forced to reorganize

June 20th, 2006: Allan Sugarbaker says...
WizKids forced to reorganize

Times are tough all over. If you’ve been online today, you probably heard: WizKids has undergone another reorganization. According to the press release, this “brought about a tough decision to have a reduction in force.” No details are released yet about who will be leaving the company, or what specifically brought on the reorganization. The company stated that “These steps are necessary for the long term health of WizKids, and will allow us to focus on our core Brands of Battlestar Galactica, HeroClix, HorrorClix, MechWarrior and Pirates.” Perhaps all this unfortunate activity is why WizKids CEO Jordan Weisman seemed a bit subdued in his (unrelated) cable television appearance earlier today on G4’s Attack of the Show. Or maybe he’s just generally a calm sort. In any case, the staff of OgreCave hopes everyone affected by the reorg lands on their feet.


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