Origins 2006 Live: who goes to that show? We do.

So! A few quick hits:

  • It really is pretty shocking how much roleplaying seems to be going on. Many rooms full of tables, lots of LARP action across the street at the Crowne Plaza. Was it always like this and I just didn’t notice? I think the LARP stuff at least is kinda new.
  • WotC indeed has no booth in the exhibit hall, which I think is a tactical mistake for Dreamblade. The crowd here is at least potentially down for DB.
  • Definitely feels uncrowded. Not empty, but uncrowded.
  • There is a Clout Fantasy starter in every reg bag, for free. Also, unrelatedly, two HorrorClix figures packaged with a map and counters and presumably even some rules of some kind. (The figs are not, you know, notable personas like promo figs of yore, but I think playable things in swagbags are a much better idea. Also there is a booster pack of relaunched POGs.)
  • Someone with a product called Tokkens has a huuuuge booth and a bunch of highly visible bags they’re giving out. The product? Collectible D20 item cards printed on metal. *sigh* At least they are rokken like Dokken.

More to come. I recorded some stuff with the Volity team but it isn’t clean enough to upload straight away, so you’ll probably hear it after the con.