Origins 2006 Live: vicious because the stakes are so small

  • Picked up a copy of Mortal Coil, the new diceless (and no, it doesn’t use playing cards either) small-press RPG by Brennan Taylor, better known to the world as the head of Indie Press Revolution. It looks like it’s in the Baron Munchausen camp a bit, but building on a simple token-betting thing with other conditions and costs. I’ve also looked at Ron Edwards’ It Was A Mutual Decision, which has the best single sentence summary ever. From the mouth of Clinton R. Nixon: “It’s a breakup game where you might be a wererat.” WORD
  • I know I’m years late in getting on this train, but damn, Memoir ’44 is fun as hell.
  • Finally got to play Treehouse against real humans, instead of playing it solitaire on Volity. It’s the game that Looney Labs wanted it to be, which is to say that it should appeal to Fluxx fans, or at least not offend them. Getting them excited is another question, and I guess we’ll see.
  • I’m gonna jump back into the exhibit hall for a few minutes before my Roach game, because I haven’t so much been looking at new stuff today and I’d like to post about something else before bed. Well, I say that, but really I just wanna go buy Memoir ’44.