Origins 2006 Live: crawling from the wreckage

A few last details:

  • Hey, guess what? AT-43 isn’t collectible. Fixed boxes of assembled and painted plastic figs. It will be in your FLGS in December, provided that Rackham communicates anything to retailers at all, which they seem not to enjoy, so who knows.
  • People do indeed seem to be making the jump from Fluxx to the Icehouse world as a result of Treehouse. So yay for Looney Labs, there.
  • After visiting the Hidden City booth and demoing Clout Fantasy yet again (to get throwing tips), I have decided not to count them out. First, they have preconstructed stacks now. Second, they have a piratey expansion coming out for Gen Con, and the kids, they love them some pirates. Lastly, (and this is total rumor territory) they may have picked up a major superhero license. And the comics fans seem willing to buy anything. But really, every time I play it I have fun but wish I could get things to land where I wanted. The precons will definitely be something I consider.
  • Played The Shab-al-Hiri Roach for the first time – ironic, given that my name is on the back cover – and had a blast. The table took things in a sillier direction than I really wanted to take things at first, but that’s collaboration for you. I managed to keep a bit of an edge on things with my degenerate proto-fascist classics prof. Good times.
  • Battlegrounds, man. Finally got to demo this and picked up two army decks. They have the dwarf army debuting at Indy, and next year? WWII, baby. I laid down some tape with Rob Dougherty, Your Move’s head (I think) and Battlegrounds’ designer, so Audio Report subscribers will get an earful of that soon.