2005 Origins Award winners announced

The 2005 Origins Awards winners are announced, now that those in attendance have had time to sleep off the revelry. Items of note: among the winners were Artesia for Best RPG, GURPS Infinite Worlds for Best RPG Supplement, Gloom for Best Traditional Card Game, and Warmachine: Apotheosis for Game of the Year. The Ravnica: City of Guilds expansion for Magic: The Gathering got the nod for Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion, and Miniatures of the Year went to Wargods of Aegyptus. Midnight Syndicate also got some recognition for their great work, as The 13th Hour Roleplaying Soundtrack won Game Accessory of the Year. The entire winner list is copied below. [EDIT: And now the news of Hall of Fame inductees has come in as well. You can’t tell from the Origins website, though.]

Origins Awards press release follows:

32nd Annual Awards press release

The Annual Origins Awards Presentation for the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design recognizes the gaming industry’s top achievements and products released during 2005.

The Academy presents three groups of awards each year:

  • The Origins Awards
  • The Origins Vanguard Awards
  • The Gamer’s Choice Awards (voted by the gaming public)


The 32nd Annual Origins Awards winners are:

2005 Game of the Year
WARMACHINE: Apotheosis (Privateer Press, LLC)

Board Game of the Year
Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean
(Siren Bridge Publishing, Inc. & Z-Man Games, Inc)

Collectable Card Game or Expansion of the Year
Ravnica: City of Guilds expansion for Magic: The Gathering
(Wizards of the Coast)

Traditional Card Game of the Year
Gloom (Atlas Games)

Role-Playing Game of the Year
Artesia (Archaia Studios Press)

Role-Playing Game Supplement of the Year
GURPS Infinite Worlds 4th Edition (Steve Jackson Games)

Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year
ATZ – All Things Zombie (Two Hour Wargames)

Miniatures of the Year
Wargods of Aegyptus (Crocodile Games)

Historical Board Game of the Year
Lock ‘N Load: Band of Heroes (Matrix Games)

Historical Miniature Game or Expansion of the Year
Gutshot (Hawgleg)

Historical Miniatures of the Year
10mm WWII Personality Set (Game Figures, Inc.)

Nonfiction Publication of the Year
Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine (Legio X, Inc.)

Game Accessory of the Year
The 13th Hour – Roleplaying Soundtrack
(Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks)

Vanguard Innovative Game Awards
Darter (Future Magic Games)

Perplex City (Mind Candy)

Polarity (Temple Games, Inc.)

XIG: The Four Elements (GT2 Fun & Games Inc.)

Vanguard Unique Game Awards
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare (Your Move Games, Inc.)

Infinite Armies (BTRC)

World at War (Matrix Games)

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (WizKids)

Gamer’s Choice Best Board Game of the Year
Shadows Over Camelot (Days of Wonder)

Gamer’s Choice Best Collectible Card Game of the Year
Anachronism (TriKing Games)

Gamer’s Choice Best Traditional Card Game of the Year
Paranoia: The Mandatory Card Game (Mongoose Publishing)

Gamer’s Choice Best Historical Game of the Year
Axis and Allies Collectible Miniatures Game
(Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast)

Gamer’s Choice Best Role Playing Game of the Year
Serenity (Margaret Weis Productions)

Gamer’s Choice Best Miniatures of the Year
WARMACHINE: Apotheosis (Privateer Press, LLC)


About the Awards and the Academy
The Origins Awards are administered by the Academy of Adventure Game Art & Design.

The Academy – consisting of members of the game development community – pares down a broad selection of the year’s best products and then votes for to determine the best product from a broad variety of catagories.

For more infomation on the Academy including past Origins Awards winners and the Academy Hall of Fame, visit the Academy Web site.

EDIT: Here’s the Hall of Fame inductees:

Aaron Allston
Jolly R. Blackburn
Rodger MacGowan
Dennis Mize
Mike Pondsmith
Star Fleet Battles