Announcing the winners of the 2006 Ogre’s Choice Awards

Welcome to the Ogre’s Choice Awards, the first of our long-threatened annual awards, honoring what we of OgreCave deem to be the best products in the tabletop gaming industry. These are the games we’ve enjoyed most over the past year, and simply had to seek out, bash over the head, and drag back to our respective lairs.

The Cave Dwellers have had a taste of many great products over the past year. Now that Gen Con Indy looms once more, the year of game product releases draws to a close as the new product year is set to begin. So it behooves us to take a fond look back, remember the games that rocked, the dominant trends, and the goodies we snapped up in a frenzy of gaming lust.

The award categories and nominees were selected by OgreCave staff (and affiliated cognoscenti), then voted on by same. Products released at or after Gen Con 2005 were eligible. The nominees and winners are listed below. For more detailed discussion of this year’s Ogre’s Choice Awards, you can listen to the 2006 awards episode of the OgreCave Audio Report, our popular game industry podcast show.

To see our list of winners, click over to the 2006 Awards page.