Audio Report: if you squint it looks like someone announced a product

But only kind of. At last, here’s our post-Origins wrapup of what Mike saw, or at least of what he had written down. Also I share some thoughts on the actually-timely post-show interview that Paul Tevis did with Ken Hite. That’s over here and is totally worth the time if you haven’t heard it. Also, be sure and check the very end of the show (ours, I mean) for a special announcement!


  1. We did forget to mention that Green Ronin had three new books at the show: True Beastary, True Scorcerer, and the first product in the Bleeding Edge Series: Mansion of Shadows. GR was nice enough to have those in stores right about the same time as the show.

  2. Simple fun spaceship game where you fly around and blow up other ships? Sounds like Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games. Admittedly, it’s a miniatures game and not a straight-up board game, but it pefectly encapsulates running around and blowing stuff up.

  3. I would have said Starmada, but Mike was implying he wanted something a little more “available” in a mass market sense…I think.

  4. WizKids is out of Pirates product until November? Didn’t they do this two years ago? Didn’t they know that Pirates of the Caribbean 2: We Also Have “Davy Jones” In Our Title was hitting theaters around the same time their Davy Jones expansion was coming out?


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