World of Warcraft TCG will be along shortly

Originally announced as a Spring ’06 release, Upper Deck’s World of Warcraft TCG will be shown off at Gen Con Indy next week (according to the official site, titled WoW TCG Online as if to entice existing MMORPG players). Will this be the next Yu-Gi-Oh!-sized sensation? Not if the depressed CCG market has anything to say about it. Still, the WoW TCG skews to a slightly older demographic, and the once-promised online tie-in cards, if still planned, might help sales as well. We’ll see how things shake out as the game’s October release approaches.

Upper Deck press release follows:

UDE Announcement: World of Warcraft TCG Website!

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Website is Now Online!

Upper Deck Entertainment is pleased to announce that the most anticipated trading card game of all time now has a website! The TCG based on the popular World of Warcraft online game has already cultivated a strong online community, and now is the best time to join in on the excitement!

WoW TCG Online is the source for exclusive information leading up to the game’s release in October. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find on the website:

  • Exclusive information from the R&D team that created the game. Lead designer Danny Mandel and lead developer Brian Kibler take you through the stages of designing such an important game with high expectations. As hardcore fans of the online WoW game, Danny and Brian show you how they transitioned the World of Warcraft universe from the online realm to a fun, exciting, and competitive trading card game.
  • Exclusive news. WoW TCG Online is your best source for exclusive information on every aspect of the game before it comes out. This includes how to play it, what the cards will look like, what the different card types will be, where to find a game, and news on major events and tournaments. New information is revealed every day, so make sure you check the website daily!
  • Art pieces and artist profiles. The WoW TCG features amazing artwork from the top names in the gaming industry. WoW TCG Online reveals a new piece of art every day and features interviews with the game’s artists.
  • The Official WoW TCG Forums. Exchange information and opinions as a part of the online community in the official WoW TCG forum. Not only are WoW fans active and speculating on the upcoming game, but UDE employees participate in the discussions! If you have suggestions for the game or you just want to hang out with your fellow gamers, this is the place to make your voice heard.

As we get closer to October and the game’s release, WoW TCG Online will feature more exclusive content—including an online demo—and live coverage of events and tournaments. The WoW TCG is going to rock the gaming world, so visit the official website and get involved from the very beginning!


  1. Well I can’t speak for the rest of the market, but they’ve got me already after years of holding out after getting burned out on Magic so badly. Why? My girlfriend is a big WoW player and even she has shown interest in the CCG so it’ll give us something that we can play together when she is “unplugged” 🙂

    … but the artwork on those cards is really nice.

  2. We are actually stocking this one because of people like you James. We have no confidence at all people care about the CCG…just that you will need a new shiny thing for your Warlock…

  3. Well Chris you may be right. She said it was okay for me to buy lots of boosters as long as she gets the code cards for her characters in the game 🙂

  4. I’m getting into this game just for the multi-player aspect. The raid decks sound like they will be a breath of fresh air, allowing co-operative play for 3-4 people against a single, powerful deck. My playgroup doesn’t care much for 1-on-1 competitive games, but this caught their attention right away.

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